Kuiu.com is an eCommerce business. It provides the light and high performing Mountain Hunting gear. Kuiu.com was in need of a responsive website to be developed to fit its growing needs.

Mak Digital Design developed and designed a website for Todd Harney, owner of Kuiu.com. Kuiu.com was growing at a rapid pace and needed a responsive website to keep up with their growing customer base. This ecommerce business used a Volusion platform which gave the customer all the tools needed to keep pace with his rapidly growing company.


The background story of Todd Harney. This is his story in his own words. You can find his inspirational story on his blog on Kuiu.com.

An excerpt of his story which led to his very successful Hunting clothing line:

“I wanted to make the lightest and highest performing Mountain Hunting clothing possible. I wanted to create a brand that stood for uncompromised quality, uncompromised performance, and where the whole process, the design and technology and sourcing, are shared with the consumer. From my experience at Sitka I knew this idea wasn’t viable or realistic within the existing retail model—everything I wanted to make would just cost too much. So I thought, why not bypass the retailer, why not take the middle-man out of the process and move everything one step closer to the customer. By selling online direct we could make the best products, keep the prices down and manage, to our standards, every aspect of the customer experience.

So I started Kuiu. And I started blogging about the process on a blog called Building Kuiu. I was already interested in transparency and making real connections with customers so I thought, maybe I’ll write about what it takes to build a company and get it off the ground from the start, all the decisions that have to be made, etc. And the first day, I remember, we had 30 views and I was shocked. Someone had posted something on Bowsite about me, about how I had left Sitka and was starting a new company called Kuiu, and it just started from there. And then, I can’t remember exactly what post it was or what it was about, we hit 200 views in one day, and I realized that wow, this is working.”

Kuiu.com has been a very successful company. The website designed by MakDigitalDesign.com have resulted in many other companies contacting us because it has such a simple, clean and user-friendly site. Nothing less, would be fitting for such a successful company. We met and discussed the company’s style. We designed and developed a site that is inclusive of the Kuiu style.

We had worked with associates of Kuiu previously. We were thrilled when they contacted us again to revamp their website.

Our goal with this site was to reposition Kuiu as THE leader in Hunting sportswear, by providing a professional look, with a user-friendly feel. We know we accomplished our goal. It is evident by the numerous calls and referrals we get from the Kuiu site.

Please visit the site. Kuiu.com MakDigitalDesign.com is proud to have this work in our portfolio.

Kudos to Kuiu!