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Let MAK Digital Design help your Magento Go store before it closes down!

Let MAK Digital Design help your Magento Go store before it closes down! We have already worked on migration for a few sites that will be affected February 1, 2015 when Magento Go closes down. At MAK Digital Design, we can make the process seamless. We will […]

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What will happen when Magento Go closes down?

What will happen when Magento Go closes down on February 1, 2015? For the 3,000 live stores that are currently using the platform, there are a few different options. You can go with Magento’s partner, Big Commerce and take advantage of their ‘free migration’ and up to […]

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Enhance the visitor appeal of your website with a Magento platform

A well designed, developed and well hosted website is the requirement of the day for any business today. If you do not want to lag behind your contemporaries then it is about time you contact a well-known e-c0mmerce solutions company and request for your website. There are […]

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Magento – its increasing popularity and advantages

Magento has come up as one of the best platforms to create a fabulous e-commerce web application. Its flexibility and exclusive features have made it popular among the business owners who wish to trade in a smart way. One of the highlighting attributes of Magento is that […]

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Unveil the new and brilliant features of Magento

Magento is considered to be one of the most popular and powerful e-commerce platforms which are packed with rich features. Nowadays there is a huge buzz about Magento in the market with developers being very happy with the numerous features and the benefits that this platform offers […]

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BigCommerce – a great e-commerce solution provider

Are you interested in selling your products online? Want to seek the attention of the people and become a popular name? The most important thing that you require is an e-commerce platform that is helpful in creating a website and also promoting them over the internet. Though […]

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Why Magento is the first choice?

The growing trend of the e-commerce websites has given rise to a number of platforms which are used for developing such excellent e-commerce web solutions. Among the different e-commerce solutions Magento has evolved as one of the finest platforms which give you a facility to create excellent […]

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