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Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog

Why your Ecommerce business needs a blog, there’s many reasons. You need to get more traffic to your site. You want more traffic to your site. Blogging generates this traffic for your site. We all understand the first part, but surprisingly few businesses grasp the second part. […]

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How Penguin is Affecting Your Rankings

Just how Google’s Penguin is Affecting Your Rankings? Penguin is Affecting Your Rankings definitely if you used backlinking. It has many people upset, and some out of business. It has been written about more than any other update, except for maybe Panda. The real issue, however; is […]

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How to maximize SEO by website structure and design

Your business is in danger of dying if it can’t be found on the web. This is well known, but oftentimes, business owners don’t apply the same sound business practices to this as they do when running the rest of their business. This article will tell you […]

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Getting Google to Index Your Website Quickly

You’re all set! You’ve created a new website or blog for your business. Now you want people to be able to find it. Getting Google to index your website quickly should be one of your immediate goals. People typically find your site through a search engine. Oftentimes, […]

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Reasons why your Site is Not Ranking in the Search Engines

Reasons Why Your Site is Not Ranking In The Search Engines Many businesses wonder why their websites aren’t ranking in the search engines. Websites have to be created to be search engine friendly. Appearance, usability and search engine visibility should all be considered when designing your website. […]

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Validate Your Web Page or Not? What is HTML and CSS Validation?

If you design your web page using a visual web editor like KompZer or Dreamweaver, or code HTML directly with a simple text editor, the industry standard is to validate it after you finish designing it. In this reading, we will discuss what validation means, point you […]

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Kickstarter Kicks Amazon Payments to The Curb for Stripe

Kickstarter, that funding platform used to raise money for various ventures, has announced that it will be partnering with payments service Stripe. In essence, Kickstarter has kicked Amazon to the curb! Stripe will now collect and process all payments for projects hosted on Kickstarter’s site.

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Staples to Close 225 Stores; Thanks To the Amazon Effect! Half of Staples Sales Are Online

The Big Bad Wolf continues to to huff, and puff and blow down brick and mortar stores. Nowadays, bricks will join the houses of straw and clay from the old fairy tale, not safe at all, thanks to: THE AMAZON EFFECT!

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Mak Digital Design Rocked in 2014 with Responsive Design

Mak Digital Design rocked in 2014. We welcome the New Year! Mak Digital Design is always looking towards the future for our clients. We knew years ago that mobile technology would be a game changer for the retail market. We realized, early on, that in order to […]

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Why it is not enough to be good enough in eCommerce

At, we aren’t just good enough. We’re masters in this trade. Our expert and highly experienced staff consists of real world experts and highly skilled designers, SEO authorities, knowledgeable project managers and highly accomplished developers. Our Team know where you need to be and how to […]

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