How The State Of Local SEO Industry Insights Will Make Successful 2019


Surveys are always important. But there would be no successful surveys if not for the respondents who give their time and knowledge in contributing to surveys. We thank the respondents.

Respondents give us the image of what real-life, everyday local search marketers and local business owners are observing on a day-to-day basis.

What strategies are working of them right now. And where some frankly stunning opportunities for improvement residence.

Now we are ready to share your insights into:

Google Updates
Company infrastructure
Tool usage
And a great deal more….

This survey pooled the observations of everyone from people working to market a single small business, to agency marketers with large local business clients:

Respondents who self-selected as not marketing a local business were filtered from further survey results.

Thanks to you, this report is a window.

There are so many stories here worthy of your time

Let’s pick just one. To give a sense of the industry intelligence you will access in this report. By now, you likely have seen the local search ranking factors 2018 survey, undertaken by Whitespark in conjunction with Moz.

In that poll of experts, we saw Google My Business Business cited as THE most influential local ranking component. But guess what was #2? It was Link building.

You may come away from that excellent survey believing that, since link building is so important, all local businesses must be doing it. But not so. The State of the Local S.E.O Industry Report reveals that:

When asked what’s working best for them as a method for earning links, 35% of local businesses and their marketers admitted to having no link building strategy in place at all:

This is what opportunity looks like. Get your meaningful local link building strategy in place in the new year. Then prepare to leave 1/3 of your competitors behind. They will be left wondering how you surpassed them in the local and organic results.

The report contains 30+ findings like this one. Rivet the attention of decision makers at your agency. And quote persuasive statistics to hesitant clients. To share this report with teammates who need to be brought up to industry speed.

When read in tandem with the Local Search Ranking Factors survey, this report will help your business or agency understand both what experts are saying and what practitioners are experiencing.

Local search marketing can be a lonely road to travel. At time, you may wonder “Does anyone understand what I do? Is anyone else struggling with this task? How do I benchmark myself?”

You will find both confirmation and affirmation today. Here’s hoping you will come away a better, bolder and more effective local marketers.

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